Thursday, August 27, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Along - Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Along!

This Quilt-Along was started because my friendship group fell in love with Lori Holt's new book, Farm Girl Vintage.  We decided to do an online quilt along, as it is a way for us to do something together and  to keep in touch during times that we actually can't meet at the clubhouse together. It's also a way for a couple of our friends to keep in touch from out of state. If you found this page, welcome, and please join us!

This past weekend, a few of our friends were able to meet up and piece together the blocks from Week 1, The Old Red Barn & Patchwork Pumpkin, while the remaining members of our friendship group pieced their blocks from the comfort of their homes, all the while texting and sending pics of our progress back and forth through the GroupMe app.

We do have a Flickr group!  Here is the link: Flickr - Farm Girl Vintage Group, to post your finished blocks.

This week is Week 2 of our Quilt Along:

Block 3 of 46:  Baby Chick Block, pg. 10-12 of the Farm Girl Vintage book:

I chose this block for Week 2, because by next spring I will be able to have chickens on our property, as we will be living in Arkansas. I love to bake, and there is nothing like a fresh egg out of the coop! 

For this block, there is a tiny bit of embroidery that needs to be done after you have finished piecing the block.  The legs can be backstitched with three strands of floss, and for the eye you can do either a cross-stitch, or perhaps a french knot.  This is handwork that can be saved for later, if you want.  I like to sit outside on a nice day with the dogs by my side with some hand stitching.

Block 4 of 46: Kettle's On! Block pg. 39-40 of the Farm Girl Vintage book:

With the upcoming Fall and Winter season, I will love bringing out my kettle to enjoy a cup of tea or two, or maybe some hot chocolate. There is just something about a kettle whistle! If you are interested in the design of a tea kettle and it's place in modern times, and a bit of history, CBS Sunday Morning aired a very nice segment that you can watch here:

Farm Girl Vintage quilters, we are well on our way now!  We are glad to have you aboard the quilt along.  Tell your friends, as it's not too late for them to join in!

See you next Friday! Week 3 will be posted Friday at 12 am!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Along - Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of our Farm Girl Vintage quilt-along.  Are you ready?  Here we go!

We are working from the Farm Girl Vintage book, by Lori Holt, available at,, and other online retailers.

We will start off our Farm Girl Vintage  quilt-along by finishing, yes finishing, because we want to stay on track, two blocks this week! In the future, depending on the pace of our group, we will step it up, finishing 3-4 blocks per week.

Here are the first two blocks of our quilt~along:

Block 1 of 46 (Week 1): Old Red Barn Block, pg. 48-49

I have chosen the Old Red Barn Block as the first block, because I am permanently moving to the countryside in just a few short weeks.  For me, this block represents a new beginning in our family's life, moving from the city to the country.  Although we won't have a barn on our property, there are many barns along the country roads that are just breathtaking!

Block 2 of 46 (Week 1): Patchwork Pumpkin Block, pg. 51-52

The second block I have chosen for Week 1, is the Patchwork Pumpkin Block, and that is because we are coming up on the Autumn and Fall season.  This block calls for  30 different scrappy squares for the pumpkin, but really, it can be as many different squares as you like or as little, but hey, I bet you do have 30 different orange 2.5 inch squares in your stash somewhere!  Perhaps members of your friendship group would be interested in a fabric swap? Hint, hint.

Have you decided which size blocks you are going to make, 6 or 12 inches?  I am choosing the smaller scaled 6 inch block.

So, there you have it! Week 1 has started! Happy piecing, and I look forward to seeing your progress and finished blocks on our flickr group:  Flickr - Farm Girl Vintage Group

Monday, August 17, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Along - Introduction

Welcome to the Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Along!  My friendship group, also known as the Clubhouse Quilters, have overwhelmingly decided to have an online quilt-along using blocks and patterns in Lori Holt's new book, Farm Girl Vintage.  Normally, we meet once a month, or more, at the clubhouse as a group to sew for the day, but within the last year two ladies have moved out of state, including me! This is something that we can all still do together and share our progress online, even miles apart, so if you have stumbled upon this website, jump on in and join us!

Every Friday, at midnight, there will be a new post containing blocks for the week. We will begin with two blocks per week, and see how the group is able to keep up. There are a total of 45 blocks, plus a downloadable bonus block, Penny Pig, ( ) available at Fat Quarter Shop.

This week, you should be pulling fabric from your stash, or shopping for new fabric, which is always fun!  You will also need plenty of background fabric.  I have chosen Kona Snow as my background fabric. It's readily available should I run out.  For this project, I have purchased 5 yards, and if there is any left over, bonus for the next project in Lori's book!

Of course, you will also need the Farm Girl Vintage book, which is availbale at or, and other online retailers.

There are a variety of  quilts in the Farm Girl Vintage book to choose from, however for the purpose of this quilt along we will be piecing the Farm Girl Sampler Quilt on page 134, which is the book's cover photo quilt.  You may choose either a 6 inch block or a 12 inch block size for your Farm Girl Sampler Quilt.

Happy fabric hunting, and we will see you back here on Friday for our first two blocks of the quilt along!