Thursday, August 20, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Along - Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of our Farm Girl Vintage quilt-along.  Are you ready?  Here we go!

We are working from the Farm Girl Vintage book, by Lori Holt, available at,, and other online retailers.

We will start off our Farm Girl Vintage  quilt-along by finishing, yes finishing, because we want to stay on track, two blocks this week! In the future, depending on the pace of our group, we will step it up, finishing 3-4 blocks per week.

Here are the first two blocks of our quilt~along:

Block 1 of 46 (Week 1): Old Red Barn Block, pg. 48-49

I have chosen the Old Red Barn Block as the first block, because I am permanently moving to the countryside in just a few short weeks.  For me, this block represents a new beginning in our family's life, moving from the city to the country.  Although we won't have a barn on our property, there are many barns along the country roads that are just breathtaking!

Block 2 of 46 (Week 1): Patchwork Pumpkin Block, pg. 51-52

The second block I have chosen for Week 1, is the Patchwork Pumpkin Block, and that is because we are coming up on the Autumn and Fall season.  This block calls for  30 different scrappy squares for the pumpkin, but really, it can be as many different squares as you like or as little, but hey, I bet you do have 30 different orange 2.5 inch squares in your stash somewhere!  Perhaps members of your friendship group would be interested in a fabric swap? Hint, hint.

Have you decided which size blocks you are going to make, 6 or 12 inches?  I am choosing the smaller scaled 6 inch block.

So, there you have it! Week 1 has started! Happy piecing, and I look forward to seeing your progress and finished blocks on our flickr group:  Flickr - Farm Girl Vintage Group


  1. This is great, Tina. I can't wait to start.

  2. Thank you Kim. I'm glad you could join us!

  3. Yippee skippee ... we made it to week one without screaming and clawing our faces with anticipation and excitement. Thank you Tina for herding the cats ROFLOL

  4. I'm sooooo excited to make this quilt!!

  5. So much fun to sew along with you girls!!!

  6. Replies
    1. It's not too late to join in Carolyn!

  7. Clicked on Flickr link here to add picture and was told it's private and I'm not invited :(

    1. Thank you for the heads up Darly. I fixed the link.